Susan Terese  Wearable Art

2010 Fire Mountain Gems Silver Grand Prize Winner!    

I am so honored. Thank you Fire Mountain again. I am so jazzed!

Ocean Echoes is a piece that won a gold metal from Fire Mountain Gems in 2009. It was fun to work with horn and bone because I could use lots of stuff and keep the weight manageable. It is so wonderful that Fire Mountain gives us the opportunity to showcase our work. Thank you.

This is a photo of my piece, “Time for Awareness”, for which I won a silver metal from Fire Mountain Gems in 2008. I wanted to express my concern for global warming and the consequences it will have on our fragile planet. The colors and sparkle are of an iceberg melting. the polar bears and watch speak to the urgency of the moment.

Here is “To Have and To Hold” the wedding ensemble that I won a silver metal for from Fire Mountain Gems in 2007. It was a challenge to work in white only! I used seed beads with different finishes to get texture.